At the Meloneras Golf Academy, we offer the best golf instruction to improve your game.

Improve your driving, iron play, chipping and putting with our qualified and experienced golf instructor. We use a mix of technique, skill development, improvements in conceptual understanding and strategy to help you create your best golf shots and scores.

Our philosophy takes our deep understanding of swing mechanics and motor learning, and presents the information to you in an easy to understand way. We take the complexity out of golf – simpler is better. By using video analysis and simple training aids, we can help you to easily visualize what you are trying to achieve, and make changes to your motion quicker and more effective.

You will also be greeted with amazing views of the ocean from our teaching area. The lush, freshly mown grass tee will give you the experience normally only reserved for golf tour professionals.

We welcome all levels of golfer, from tour pro to complete beginner. We have experience with all levels, and can tailor our information to your ability. Even if you have never seen a golf club before, get your golf started in the best possible way.


Telephone: +34 691 443 570